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When I’m not busy at work churning out ideas and code, I’ll be dabbling around with other technologies.

My goals whenever I try out a new technology, is to not only learn how it works, but to be proficient enough to create a simple product.

Here are some of the things I’ve made!

Full Stack Web Application

This web app was made for fun as a joke between friends.

The stack I used was Django, Bootstrap, and Postgres. It is hosted on Heroku.

It allows users to login via Facebook, and write posts to suggest challenges to my friends

Android Mobile Game

I decided to dabble around with writing a mobile application, and came up with a simple game, where players had to tap either Left or Right, depending on the instruction shown on the screen.

I successfully published it on the App Store, and it currently has a 4 Star Review (By 2 people. It’s mean to be a joke). However, it is currently unavailable on the App store, as there was some settings that need to be changed, and I decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

If anyone wants me to republish it, let me know!

Telegram Bot for Guitar Chords

Do you play the guitar? Ever wanted chords to a song now, but feeling too lazy to browse your mobile phone to search for chords, and even if you find a link, it’s poorly optimized for the mobile screen, resulting in you not being able to see the entire chords in one line?

If so, use this bot!

When you send it a name, it searches and crawls for the song, and returns you the chords in a readable format!

The bot is currently not running, because I can’t find a more permanent place to host it other than my Raspberry Pi.

Automated LumberJack Game on Telegram

Playing around with C#, I built a Windows executable program to automatically play the LumberJack game on Telegram.

It uses a basic form of image recognition to find the play zone, and send commands based on the current position of the Lumber Jack


… More to come!


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