One Box A Day

I’m back to Hacking the Box, and my goal is to do one box per day, even if it means looking at write ups. I’m currently subscribed to the VIP membership, and I’m doing the Linux Privilege Escalation Track. Even though I try my hardest for some of the box, I still peek at the […]

HTB: Starting Point

Going to start some hackthebox to learn more stuff. While I have skills in the detection area, working with Netflow and DNS, I don’t have a strong offensive mindset. Perhaps that will be beneficial, thinking in terms of offense to develop a better defense. Set the ports to scan: ports=$(nmap -p- –min-rate=1000 -T4 | […]

Process Injection

I decided to revisit some fundamental security concepts again, and one of which I used in my previous employment was Process Injection. Process Injection is a technique of running your own code within the address space of another process. The hard part is getting your code in that address space, but there are numerous ways […]