A really great book about highlighting some of the unconscious biasness we have in our views of life. Overall, it paints an optimistic view about the world, and points to several concrete evidences that the world is indeed getting better, and progressing towards a positive direction. If anything, I would blame the media for sensationalizing […]

Flow. Part 3

The age old question: What is the Meaning of life? The book on flow attempts to answer this by breaking down the different interpretations of meaning, and using each of them to ascribe some actions that we can take. The three different interpretations of meaning are: Finality, Intentionality, and Associativity. Meaning as Finality To ask […]

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

This was a short and simple book packed with succient life lessons, and exposes common fallacies we tend to view the world. Specifically, it deals with the notion of success, and what makes a person successful. The book tells of 6 things we think successful people do that makes them successful, and that if we […]


After reading the book “Overcoming Pefectionism”, I don’t think I have servere perfectionism, but I have some symptoms of it. A bit of background on why I picked this book up in the first place. I found myself being very critical towards myself when I didn’t meet my expectations. Be it in work, or in […]

Flow. Part 2

More lessons learnt from reading the book about flow. Its an excellent book, and I really wish I read this book earlier in my life. Its definitely now a must read I would recommend to anyone. Pleasure and Enjoyment Pleasure is meeting the demands of our natural desires and needs. When we fulfil a bodily […]

Strengths Finder; And mine

First off, before I begin, I just want to say that I picked this book up for a steal of $5, where the original cost was somewhere around $30. I think I might visit book fairs more often, but the downside being that they don’t usually carry very good quality books, both in terms of […]

Branches of Machine Learning

Just finished reading the book “The Master Algorithm”, where the author tries to find the ultimate Machine Learning algorithm that can solve different varieties of problems (text, image, predictive, time series etc) In the book, he goes over the 5 main branches (or tribes) of Machine Learning. They are: The Evoluntionaries The Connectionist The Symbolist […]

The Power of Agency

Agency is having the feeling that you’re in control of the situation at hand, and of yourself. This post is a review of the book “The Power of Agency”, and they offer 7 steps for you to regain this sense of control Keep a clear head and control the amount of stimuli you get Associate […]

Hit Refresh

A book by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft This book seems to start off as a biography, but it’s intent becomes clear by the second chapter, that it’s about the changes Satya brings about in Microsoft, and the anticipation of the future innovations such as Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computing. I’ll like to […]