Designing Data-Intensive Applications

This was an Okay-ish book, and it had nothing to do with designing any applications. Instead, it gives you a very detailed tour about how distributed systems work, and their fault-tolerance technologies. In each Chapter, I’ll list down points I found important Chapter 1: Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Application Reliability: Systems work correctly even when […]

Extreme Ownership and The Dichotomy of Leadership

Summary of two books: Extreme Ownership and The Dichotomy of Leadership. In the first book, it covers on the principles of Extreme Ownership, which is to place a lot of agency and responsibility onto yourself. In the second book, it talks about the challenges and balances one must take to be a successful leader. Extreme […]

The Road to Character

A review of the book The Road To Character. Every once in awhile I stumble upon a book that is fantastic, thought provoking, questions my mental models, and opens views to the world that I have not seen before. This book, despite its big Christian undertone, is one of them. The broad idea behind the […]


A book not only about DevOps, but about the surrounding culture to enable it Click here for the book This book breaks things down nicely into the actionable segments that you can take to enable a fast and dynamic organization. It talks about DevOps, but you’ll come to realize that it’s not all about DevOps, […]


A really great book about highlighting some of the unconscious biasness we have in our views of life. Overall, it paints an optimistic view about the world, and points to several concrete evidences that the world is indeed getting better, and progressing towards a positive direction. If anything, I would blame the media for sensationalizing […]

Flow. Part 3

The age old question: What is the Meaning of life? The book on flow attempts to answer this by breaking down the different interpretations of meaning, and using each of them to ascribe some actions that we can take. The three different interpretations of meaning are: Finality, Intentionality, and Associativity. Meaning as Finality To ask […]

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

This was a short and simple book packed with succient life lessons, and exposes common fallacies we tend to view the world. Specifically, it deals with the notion of success, and what makes a person successful. The book tells of 6 things we think successful people do that makes them successful, and that if we […]


After reading the book “Overcoming Pefectionism”, I don’t think I have servere perfectionism, but I have some symptoms of it. A bit of background on why I picked this book up in the first place. I found myself being very critical towards myself when I didn’t meet my expectations. Be it in work, or in […]