Think Again

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Summary points on the book Think Again by Adam Grant

  1. Treat your opinions as a hypothesis instead of a fact, and be prepared for your hypothesis to be refuted
  2. Identify yourself with values, not opinions
  3. Actively seek out conflicting views points to your opinions
  4. Don’t confuse competence with confidence
  5. Enjoy being wrong
  6. Learn something new from every new person you meet
  7. Build a Challenge network, and not just a Support network
  8. Constructive task-based conflict is beneficial, but only if it’s related to the task. Avoid personal conflicts
  9. Ask “What evidence do you need to change your mind?”
  10. In a disagreement, acknowledge common ground first to establish rapport
  11. Don’t ever simplify arguments, but make it as complex as possible. Simplifying arguments makes it easy to be mentally lazy, and to take the most convenient explanation
  12. Be more emotional, not less. Frustration, passion, curiosity is all better than ambivalence
  13. Change “Best Practices” to “Best Practices This Year”, as practices and methodologies are constantly changing
  14. Rethink your actions, not just your surroundings. Changing a job, a place to live in, or a country won’t change who you fundamentally are, and that could be the cause of distress; your actions and habits
  15. Like a health checkup, you should schedule a life and career checkup


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