One Box A Day

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I’m back to Hacking the Box, and my goal is to do one box per day, even if it means looking at write ups. I’m currently subscribed to the VIP membership, and I’m doing the Linux Privilege Escalation Track.

Even though I try my hardest for some of the box, I still peek at the writeups if it gets too tough to get some guidance.

Being almost totally new to pentesting, there are so many tools and methods that I have no idea of, and only learn of them through the writeups, but the condition must be that I have tried everything that I know of.

I’m documenting the boxes I do here: Along with it are some MD files that documents the Exploits, Tools and Services that I’ve learnt.

I’m managing to do Easy boxes without looking at writeups, but Medium boxes really take it to a whole new level (can’t phantom how Hard and Insane are). I’m still a script-kiddie, and I’m not ashamed of it!

These are steps that I believe would complement my career very positively by combining both Blue Team and Red Team knowledge, and eventually, I would want to work towards OSCP. But most importantly, I’m actually having fun!

Happy Hacking!


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